SABB A1GB3+L Weighing Indicator Original And Guaranteed

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Specification of SABB A1GB3+L Weighing Indicator Original And Guaranteed

Are you looking for a SABB A1GB3+L Scale Indicator product at a low price and get the original SABB Scale Indicator along with a digital scale with a guarantee ?
We are a Supplier of Scales, Selling SABB Scales Indicators, Selling SABB A1GB3+L Scales Indicators at low prices, original, quality and guaranteed.
Brand : SABB
Type : A1GB3+L
Specifications :
- Analog signal input range : 1 – 3 mV/V
- Excitation voltage : 5V DC, up to 8, 35Ω load cells, up to 16, 700Ω load cells
- A/D resolution : 1.5 million internal counts
- A/D sampling rate : 60 times/second
- Accuracy of measured weight can be temporarily increased ten times
- 6-digit, 7-segment with a decimaml point, 30.5 mm high LED display
- Real-time clock and programmable date and lock to stop work
-28 function keys menu driven calibration and configuration
- Selectable display resolution
- Selectable kg and t units
- Selectable digital filter value
- Four non-linearity calibration points
- Allow changing of indicators without recalibration
- Lock display when overload is greater 130% FS
- Auto zero range
- Store and recall up to 100 vehicle numbers and tares, 1000 weighing records and 10 unit-prices
- Optional built-in micro printout or external 24-pin dot matrix printer
- Selectable manual or automatic printout
- Daily, monthly and statistics reports by time, vehicle or goods
- RS-232C interface with 2 transmit outputs, selectable baud rate : 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
- Optional RS-485 interface
- External power supply options from 187V to 242V, 50Hz ±2%
- Internal rechargeable 6V DC battery with automatic power-off when battery is low
- Operating temperature % non-condensing
- Dimensions: 320 mm width x 200 mm high x 180 mm deep
- Weight : Approx 4kg
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