SAYAKI WPS Waterproof Digital Scales 3Kg x 0.1g Accurate And Guaranteed

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Specification of SAYAKI WPS Waterproof Digital Scales 3Kg x 0.1g Accurate And Guaranteed

You're looking for a waterproof digital scale or digital scale for fish scales, meat scales, vegetable scales, SAYAKI digital scales with a capacity of 3 kg ? You want to buy at a low price and get the original item with a guaranteed scale ?
We are a Supplier of Scales, Selling Digital Scales, Selling SAYAKI WPS Waterproof Digital Scales 3Kg Capacity at low prices, original, quality and guaranteed.
Brand       :  SAYAKI
Type         :  WPS
Model      :  Waterproof Digital Table Scale
Capacity  :  3Kg
Accuracy :  0.1g
Platters    :  210 x 260mm

Features :
- LCD Display with green backlight
- Stainless steel housing
- Rechargeable battery
- Pan size 210x260
- Tare and zero function
- Auto-off
- Auto backlight
- Stability indication
- Low battery indication
- Water resistance level at 6.5
- Stainless steel housing
- Counting function

Displays :
- Display type: LCD
- Backlight : green (default), red and blue selectable
- Display size : 95 x 40mm
- Display digits : 6
- Digits height : 28mm

Capacity :
- 3kg x 0.1g
- 6kg x 0.2g
- 15kg x 0.5g
- 30kg x 1g

One of the tools to measure the weight of an item or raw material for a product or finished product is a scale. Today's scales are very important in our daily lives and needs. Scales are divided into two types of models or systems how they work, namely mechanical scales and digital scales. One of the products of Digital Waterproof Scales (which is waterproof for weighing wet items such as fish, meat, vegetables and so on) that is well known today is Waterproof Digital Scales with the WPS type SAYAKI brand.

We sell scales at low prices, the best quality and the most complete accessories according to your needs. The products we sell are guaranteed to be original so that the quality and quality can be relied on for long-term use.

To meet your needs and to find out more about stock, Price Digital Scales, Price Digital Scales SAYAKI WPS 3kg capacity which is guaranteed to be original, quality and guaranteed, please contact us :
we DEFINITELY provide :
1. Cheaper price
2. Special discount
3. Quality SAYAKI Digital Scales
4. Free shipping scales
5. Warranty Sayaki Digital Scales for 2 years.

For your information :
- Our customers have been in various cities and provinces throughout Indonesia.

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