Hanging Scales CAS Caston-THZ 3ton 2 year warranty

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Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
Country Origin
Korea South
Minimum Order
1 Unit

Specification of Hanging Scales CAS Caston-THZ 3ton 2 year warranty

The center is CAS Scales, Selling Digital Hanging Scales CAS Caston-THZ 3ton at low prices, guaranteed original goods and 2 years warranty.
Brand : CAS
Type : Caston-THZ
Capacity : 3 tons
Accuracy : 1kg
Display : Led
Equipment :
- 1 unit digital hanging scale.
- 1pcs remote controller scales.
- 1pcs scale adapter / charger.
- 1 set manual book.
- 1 box / cardboard scale.
A digital hanging scale is a type of scale that has 2 hooks that can be rotated up to 360° on the top and bottom, equipped with an electronic device with a digital display that integrates on the side panel of the scale to display the weighing results and there is also a display panel for the number of separate scales which has the ability wireless which can transmit load data to the indicator remotely. It's easy to use, just hang the upper hook as a handle for the scales, then place the item on the lower hanger hook. the power supply is from a rechargeable battery, the smallest capacity is 1kg and the largest is 100tons. The digital scale indicator numbers are very easy for users to read. Therefore, this type of scale is widely used in markets, by farmers, planters, fishermen, warehouses, steel factories and others.
Many people are looking for cheap Digital Hanging Scales, which are currently very popular in the real world and the online world. But it's not only cheap that is relied on, of course quality also needs attention. because if the price is cheap & the quality is bad, it's the same as harming consumers who buy cheap scales themselves. One of the well-known digital hanging scale products in Indonesia is the CAS Caston-THZ 3ton Digital Hanging Scale.
Because by getting scales at low prices, you can tell good quality to your friends. where if you buy at another location these types of scales can be priced at a very expensive price. and one of the sellers who always provides low prices with original goods is CV. Gajah Mas Sakti who set up his big shop in several areas of the city of Jakarta.
So if you also live in the area and are in the mood to buy it, there's nothing wrong with stopping by to have a look first and shop for scales at CV. Gajah Mas Sakti with what suits your needs.
To meet your needs and find CAS Caston-THZ 3ton Digital Hanging Scales at low prices, original guaranteed goods, 2 year warranty and other digital scales, please contact us :
and we DEFINITELY provide :
1. Cheaper price.
2. Good quality scales.
3. Free shipping.
4. Guarantee/Warranty for 2 years.
For your information :
Our customers have been in various cities and provinces throughout Indonesia.
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